The Artists and Founders



Tate and Aaron Bezdek, native Californians, are the brothers behind 2BGlass and Encased Memories. Both Tate and Aaron started blowing glass at the age of 17. Tate found an immediate interest in the craft and it wasn't long before Aaron saw the same dream. They would agree having a reliable and cohesive partner when working with glass is indispensable and has been the catalyst to their success and experience. 

 Outside of glass the brothers greatly enjoy the outdoors and the influence it has on their rhythm. It is their inspiration and together they intend to keep nature involved every step of the way. 

 Practice, patience and heart has driven 2BGlass and Encased Memories to where it is today, but it is their value for family, nature and personal growth that will continue to take them on their glass journey.

Thank you for the honor of commemorating a loved one. We hope our keepsake provides healing and timeless memory.