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Our Story

Near the end of our grandfathers most recent life he had said to my grandmother, "We've been married for 63 years and we're going to be married for another 63." The timeless existence they shared paralleled the knowledge we had recently gained regarding the compatibility of glass and ash. The marriage of my grandparents, infinite in its commitment and love mirrored the marriage of glass and ash - ageless and honorable.

We made our first Encased Memory with the combined ashes of our grandparents as a gift to our Aunt. The joy and fulfillment expressed from the moment of making the orb, to my Aunts profound reaction, was overwhelmingly moving. It was bigger than us, bigger than glass, bigger than a gift. When we saw the impact it had, not only on our family, but also on the friends who had witnessed our process, we knew this purpose would bring great healing to others. Led by our hopes of doing something meaningful for the world, we were compelled to move with it.

Now, as we engage with our community we often hear, "Finally, I know what to do with our loved ones ashes". It is this person, who we are here for, the person who has experienced loss. Who's searching for remembrance, closer, honor, healing and peace; we made Encased Memories for you.

Thank you for the honor of commemorating a loved one. We hope our keepsake provides healing and everlasting memory.