How They're Made


Gathering is the first step to glass blowing. By dipping your metal blowpipe into a furnace of molten glass set at 2100 degrees and then rotating the pipe catching the clear glass on the end, you will have what we call the gather. This is the first step in blowing glass and the first of the 4 layers that make up your cremation keepsake.




The clear hot glass gather is then rolled in crushed colored glass, known as frit. Frit can come in many different sizes and colors and is the second layer of glass composing of your keepsake.




After the color is applied, the glass is reheated and your ashes are gently applied. Clear glass is then gathered over the ashes protecting your remembrance piece infinity.  



The last layer of clear glass is then quickly manipulated and perfected into your desired shape with a variety of techniques and hand tools.




By the use of cold water and a gentle tap, your memorial is released from the blowpipe and placed into a 915-degree annealing oven where it is allowed to slowly reach room temperature over a 24-hour period.



Final Steps:

Once the glass has bonded and cooled fully your keepsake is complete. 




Encased Memories, as timeless as the memory of your loved one.