Our "Why"

"It's been almost a year since Mom passed but I always have her with me thanks to Encased Memories. Her orb really captures the beauty that she brought to the world." - Susie


"Beautiful memories... happier hearts... in a forever keepsake to treasure." - Amy


"These hand blown glass orbs are so beautiful and the most treasured memento you will have of your loved one. Bright colors and made with love and respect." - Lynn


"My brother had this heart made for my sister and I. She has a pink one and I have a blue one. Colors that both represent my mom. Her ashes are a part of this beautiful heartfelt creation. <3" - Kim 


"I had a fantastic experience with Encased Memories. They worked with me on very special request for a gift, and it turned out to be spectacular. I was able to choose my color pallet, and they shipped me a cremains kit. The entire process was easy and fast, and my friend loved it and was so touch. They are incredible artists, and these keepsakes are unlike any other. Thank you!" - Judy


"So beautiful! I purchased this to have a remembrance of my brother. It was everything I was hoping for. Communication was great as well between the artist and myself. I am overwhelmingly satisfied." - Julie


"No matter where I move I will always have her with me now. Thank you." - Adam


"I purchased six pieces and I must say, these globes and hearts are extraordinarily beautiful! Our daughter passed in May and this seemed to be a beautiful way to help us to remember her... two hearts will be saved for her young children, the rest have been distributed to loved ones (including myself)! We are all in agreement, these pieces of art are so gorgeous, such creativity and inventiveness!" - Kelly



"These works of art are some of the most beautiful objects I've ever seen. One of the best gifts I've ever received. Mine is gorgeous and very precious to me; it will be treasured by the family." - Lisa 



"The blue memory heart is beautiful. I love the deep blue and the ashes stand out around the edge."- Abigail 



We love to hear from you. Please let us know how we have made an impact or how we could provide you with a more graceful, healing, experience.

Thank you!


- Tate, Aaron, Penny and Ash